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Inc Authority LLC Service Review

Reputation and expertise mean a lot in business. Hence, it’s no wonder these basic aspects look appealing when you choose a trustworthy partner to start off your own business. If this is what makes Inc Authority LLC service attractive for you and you want to learn more about this company and the services they provide, keep on reading our in-depth review to get the answers to your questions.

Company Background

Operating in the LLC formation industry since 1989, Inc Authority has helped open more than 130,000 businesses and is supported by over 4,000 reviews posted by customers from around the country. Over 30 years of experience in providing legal services to private business gained them an almost impeccable reputation that easily sells them today. However, where the company really shines and what puts Inc Authority among the best LLC service companies online is their different approach to LLC formation as compared to competitors. Thus, similar to IncFile, Inc Authority offers their assistance in LLC registration for free. All you need to pay is a state fee, which is a compulsory payment you can’t skip anyway. So, it’s truly one of the best offers among other LLC services, for now, that comes complete with a number of premium formation plans to cover any customer demands.

What Packages Does Inc Authority Offer?

All in all, Inc Authority offers four service packages including a free of charge LLC formation kit and three paid packages providing functional upgrades for added fees. While you can find detailed info about Inc Authority packages on the company website, we’ve made a brief overview of each package below. 

Free Package: $0 + State Fee

First of all, it’s worth noting that registering an LLC for free with Inc Authority is a piece of cake. You just need to follow a comprehensive step-by-step online guide to place your order and let Inc Authority create your new business for you. Besides, what you’ll get with Inc Authority for free is what you’d normally pay for using other LLC services. Thus, a free package covers business name availability search for your chosen state, preparing and filing Articles of Organization, one free year of registered agent service (that will be charged at $99 per annum afterward), and an S-Corp form filing in case you choose your LLC to be taxed as an S Corporation. Though it seems quite a lot, there is more to come. Thanks to Inc Authority third-party partnerships, they offer a free bank account for your business from Bank of America, a professional tax consultation, and expert business funding analysis. 

The free package doesn’t include an Operating Agreement and Employer Identification Number most LLCs need to run their business. However, while placing an order, these services will be offered at an extra cost among other upsells. There will be quite a few of them, but you’ll be under no obligation to buy those added services and can skip them or pay only for those you really need. 

Starter Package: $399 + State Fee

With Inc Authority, the cheapest non-free package starts at $399, which is quite a high price, especially given that there are no mid-tiers in between. However, for this price, on top of free package services, you’ll get core add-ons not only to legally start your business but also to smoothly run it further on. Inc Authority specialists will draft an Operating Agreement for you. You’ll get a record book and a company seal to initiate your corporate style as well as ownership certificates for each member of your LLC. Besides, the LLC service will acquire an EIN for your company from the IRS greatly saving your time and effort on this routine, but absolutely necessary task. To top it off, you’ll have yearly access to Inc Protection Advisor, which is enhanced customer support on your company operation. It covers issues related to business licensing, banking, audits, lawsuits, etc. 

Executive Package: $499 + State Fee

This bundle contains everything included in the Starter package and for $100 above the Starter package price, you’ll get permanent access to Inc Authority business licensing software to figure out the types of licenses and permits you need to obtain for your business depending on your company location and activity. And you’ll be given a website domain to create your company website that will serve as a sartorial statement for your business and a platform for online operations. 

Tycoon: $799 + State Fee

The price escalation of the Tycoon package implies premium service and you’ll really get every sort of maintenance and support in launching and operating your new business. Thus, Executive package services will be complemented with Express Processing and BizCredit Express kit. Express Processing means that your order will be prioritized by Inc Authority above other orders and processed in an expedited manner. BizCredit Express in its turn is a bundle of software tools to introduce you to the business credit system and help you develop your business credit. The resources include 90-day coaching sessions, a multi-faceted credit building system, a LaunchPad to guide you through the process, and registration in the D&B credit bureau. 

Inc Authority Pros and Cons


  • What makes Inc Authority LLC service an indisputable industry leader is that it’s one of two formations services offering assistance in LLC registration for free;
  • Within a free package, you’ll get all the basic features and even a whole year of free registered agent service;
  • Extensive positive customer feedback greatly contributes to the company reputation and service reliability; 
  • Responsive customer service that provides high-quality support. 


  • Payable service packages are quite expensive as compared to competitors;
  • Inc Authority maintains no refund policy;
  • While placing an order within a free package, multiple upsells will pop up before you get to the final page. Though it might be annoying in a way, in the end, they offer a 20% off coupon as a bonus.

Should You Start an LLC With Inc Authority?

If you largely rely on strong customer feedback, Inc Authority is greatly supported by positive customer reviews and looks like a trustworthy LLC service. Besides, we do recommend choosing Inc Authority for all beginner entrepreneurs who are limited in budget and want their business to be formed professionally and for free.

On the other hand, if you search for a fairly simple website interface, the Inc Authority platform might seem a bit tricky to navigate. And if you need some advanced features and services, you’d better look for an alternative since Inc Authority paid packages are pretty expensive. 


If you are starting your business from scratch and strive to legalize your company in a maximum affordable way, Inc Authority LLC formation service will be presumably your best bet. All the paperwork will be done by professionals and you’ll even get a full year of registered agent service at no cost. Meanwhile, if you need more flexibility and versatility in terms of payable services and packages, ZenBusiness and Northwest have a bit more to offer in this concern.

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