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ZenBusiness LLC Service Review

For a new business owner who is about to open an LLC, all the paperwork related to company registration looks confusing. Sounds like your scenario? Then, most likely than not, you consider hiring an LLC service that will save you the need to dip your toes into the intimidating incorporation process. If you set your eyes on ZenBusiness and want to learn more about this LLC service, read our detailed and unbiased review to make an informed and grounded decision. 

Company Profile

Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness is one of the newer online business formation services as compared to industry leaders like IncFile and Inc Authority supported by more than 20 years of expertise. However, 4100+ reviews from customers, most of which are positive, prove that the company has managed to become a reputed service and competitive market player. Aimed at saving your time and money, the company uses automation of business services to cater to the immediate and long-term business needs of startupers.

Focused on providing help to smaller businesses, they give aspiring beginner entrepreneurs a chance for an easy business start and deliver high-quality service throughout the country. So, even if you are based out of Austin, Texas, which is the place of ZenBusiness registration, you can get professional legal help and support in any state. 

ZenBusiness LLC Packages

Providing all sorts of legal services and assistance in the field of business incorporation. ZenBusiness boasts a comprehensive web platform that boasts ease of use and is a breeze to navigate for first-time users. In LLC formation, similar to other LLC services, ZenBusiness offers a multi-tiered pricing system. Yet, before you’ll decide which of the three available pricing plans is right for you, you can delve into a detailed introduction to LLC business construction including the info on different types of LLCs and how they compare, steps you need to complete to establish a business entity, and all pros and cons of operating an LLC. 

In our turn, to help you quickly make up your mind about the suitable ZenBusiness LLC package, we break down and review each of them below. Please, note that each package price is billed annually and covers one full year of service. 

ZenBusiness Starter Package: $49 + State Fee

A starter package is a basic option offered at a fairly affordable price. It covers all basics to take the strain off the LLC formation process and make it an easy start. You’ll get standard filing service, full access to business name search and all LLC-related documents and paperwork as well as extensive customer support, and free accounting consultations. Yet, the biggest plus of this package is that it embraces an operating agreement template and free registered agent service that are normally offered at some extra cost by most other similar LLC services. Thus, you’ll have an assigned registered agent in your disposal for a whole year at no cost and will pay only $119 for this service afterward, which is also a reasonable price as compared to competitors.

ZenBusiness Pro Package: $149 + State Fee

A pro package contains everything you’ll get within a starter plan and a number of upgrades. For an additional $100 per annum, they provide an assigned EIN for your business, which is a must for your new business filing taxes, a banking resolution template, and Worry-Free Compliance Service. Speaking of the latter, to keep your business legitimate and legally maintain its activity, you’ll have to regularly file state reports to meet government requirements and the Worry-Free Compliance Service will send alerts about annual reports and compliance deadlines. It’s a unique ZenBusiness feature that confidently sets it apart among the rival LLC services. 

What’s more, the whole LLC formation service will be completed in a faster manner. This is what an Expedite Filing Speed stands for in the plan.

ZenBusiness Premium Package: $249 + State Fee

Obviously enough, a premium package further extends the services of the pro plan by adding some more premium perks and values. Thus, you’ll get assistance in launching your company website with a proprietary domain name and address. Besides, your company will be assigned a business email address, which will contribute to the solid reputation and credibility of your business. And the best thing is that all your LLC registration documents will be filled and posted within only a few days to establish your company as quickly as possible. 

Which Is the Best ZenBusiness LLC Package? 

Each ZenBusiness LLC formation package targets different business needs and is aimed to match different types of customers. A starter package is for newcomers who want to open an LLC without a hassle and at an affordable price and are ready to do some piece of work by themselves. The pro package is a sweet spot between lower and higher plan costs that covers all core services and will help you start and run your business at a reasonable price. Finally, taking care of all basic business needs, the ZenBusiness premium plan offers a stress-free LLC formation experience to everyone who wants to focus rather on growing their business than getting into time-consuming legal routines.

ZenBusiness Pros & Cons


  • Despite being a new name in the industry, ZenBusiness is one of the most affordable and flexible LLC formation services out there, with their diverse pricing plans meeting varying customer needs. 
  • Their basic package includes features you’ll get in other LLC services for an extra cost. 
  • Worry-Free Compliance is a unique ZenBusiness option that helps new businesses keep up with current state legal standards. 
  • Strong customer support covers all sorts of help and assistance including accounting consultations. 


  • The only minus of ZenBusiness, for now, is the lack of brand recognition that might make some customers a bit unsure about the company from the start.

Should You Start an LLC with ZenBusiness?

Just like any other LLC service, ZenBusiness might be not a perfect choice for each and every entrepreneur. Go for it if you look for an affordable way to file LLCs and want the best value for your money. However, if you want to start your LLC for free (paying only a state fee), you can consider IncFile, a company with a longer history, as an alternative to ZenBusiness. Just get ready for some upsells that might result in a higher overall price in the end. 


To wrap up our ZenBusiness LLC services review, the company stands strong among competitor services and we can’t recommend it enough. Straightforward and competitive pricing plans, flexible service packages, excellent customer service, and easy to use website interface make ZenBusiness LLC formation service hands down the best LLC service for startupers who want to launch their business without any hassle and stress. 

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