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IncFile LLC Service Review

Starting a new business is not an easy task. Along with high aspirations and interesting ideas, there will be a lot of challenges to pass through and a lot of different issues to tackle. So, it’s important to start on the right foot and opening an LLC with a special online LLC formation service will save you precious time and effort on legal routines you can’t escape. If you’ve already spotted IncFile and think about making this service your partner in LLC registration, our in-depth company review will come in handy to clarify all details.

Company Overview

Opened in 2004, IncFile LLC formation platform stands in between industry newcomers like ZenBusiness and confident powerhouses such as Inc Authority that have been operating for decades. In the meantime, an impressive company portfolio with over 250,000 businesses formed under its assistance proves that IncFile has more than enough expertise in LLC formation. The company managed to gain a high reputation among customers that confidently sets it apart from multiple rivals.

There are two things that make the IncFile LLC formation service a good choice for any client. It’s an opportunity to establish an LLC at nearly no cost and solid company presence throughout the country. Thus, with a starting package price of $0+ state fee, you’ll pay nothing but a state fee for your legal entity registration. Meanwhile, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, IncFile has a Registered Agent in any state. So, you can rest assured you’ll get a full scope of IncFile services in your state. 

What Packages Does IncFile Offer?

All in all, IncFile provides three service packages including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Varying in pricing, they vary in the scope of services offered within a package to meet the needs and expectations of different customers. Note, though, that the final package price depends on the state fee that differs from one state to another and you can find detailed information about InFile packages here. And we’ll make an overview of each package benefits below. 

IncFile Silver: $0 + State Fee

Within this plan, IncFile will charge $0 for their services and offers you to open an LLC at the cost of only a compulsory government fee. By way of contrast, competitors will charge up to $100 for the same services you’ll for free with IncFile and you’ll get a lot. A Silver package covers access to the Name Availability Search in each state, preparing and filing your Articles of Organization, your order status tracking, online access to your incorporation documents, unlimited customer support, and lifetime company alerts to keep up with deadlines for filing essential state reports. 

Along with all the core features, you’ll get some nice add-ons. It’s a free tax consultation from a certified professional, the Statement and Resignation of Organizer that will be of great help when establishing a bank account for your business, and the cherry on top is a free Registered Agent Service for a whole year. A registered agent will serve your permanent physical presence in the state, and via a Registered Agent dashboard, you’ll be able to access any documentation from the state they received for your company. 

However, there are some aspects to keep in mind. Each next year of the registered agent service will cost $119 per annum. But it’s up to you whether to renew it or not. Besides, an Operating Agreement is an optional feature that comes at $40. 

Despite some minor payable extras, the Silver package embraces all the basics you need to establish and run your LLC. As such, it’s a go-to choice for startupers on a budget who don’t mind putting some effort into creating an Operating Agreement and registering EIN on their own. 

IncFile Gold: $149 + State Fee

It’s a mid-tier package that offers some valuable extras in addition to what you get within the Silver Package. Namely, it’s EIN registration you’ll need to open a bank account and legally run your business, prepare a custom Operating Agreement needed in some states, and handle a Banking Resolution to legalize your company relationships with the bank. On top of that, as a nice bonus, you’ll get a Gold Business Kit containing an embossing seal and document binder that come in an elegant box with your company name on it. 

The Gold package is a great deal for new business owners who want the LLC formation process to be complete in a turnkey manner for them and are ready to pay some extra money for that. 

IncFile Platinum: $299 + State Fee

Here, above the features of the Gold package, IncFile also delivers expedite filing times, business contract templates, and a custom website. To be more specific, instead of the few weeks that it normally takes to file LLC documents, the filing process will be complete within a few days. Contract templates are above 25 commonly used document forms written by professional legal advisors you can use for your business needs. Besides, IncFile is a partner of the SnapWeb development service that will host and design a basic website for your company with a unique domain name. 

If due to some reason you drastically need to establish the company as soon as possible or if you need a website to maintain your brand name at a high level from the very start, this premium package from IncFile is for you.

IncFile Pros & Cons


  • It’s one of the most affordable LLC formation platforms providing services for free. So, it will cost you only a state fee to form an  LLC. 
  • You’ll get a full year of Registered Agent service at no cost and don’t have to renew it afterward unless you want.
  • Extensive customer support with a handy online learning centre providing valuable information not only on different business structures and opening the business but also on running the business. 
  • Free tax consultation.
  • Consistent online access to all your company documents via comprehensive digital dashboards. 


  • It might take you some time to contact a customer service rep via phone.
  • They provide more upsells as compared to other services. 
  • The range of legal services beyond LLC formation is rather limited.

Should Your Start an LLC With IncFile?

Stay With IncFile:

IncFile will be a prominent choice for new business owners with a limited budget who strive to establish a company at the lowest cost. Besides, it will be of great use for those who are not new to the LLC formation process but need a free legal address for their company for a year until they find their own registered agent. 

Find an Alternative:

IncFile vs ZenBusiness 

Go for ZenBusiness if you feel like you’ll need quite a lot of support and want to be able to immediately get in touch with customer service.

IncFile vs NorthWest

NorthWest is a  better option for when you seek fully-featured LLC service with a value-for-money approach. 

IncFile vs LegalZoom

If you want to start your business with a reputed service, LegalZoom has outstanding brand power backed by huge expertise. 


Forming an LLC is a wise decision if you want to protect your personal assets, and hiring IncFile is the right choice if you want to form a business at nearly a zero dollar investment. Multiple positive IncFile customer reviews prove that the company offers the best service for the best price. In fact, paying just a state fee, you’ll get all your LLC papers filed and enjoy a whole year of Registered Agent Service for free. Though IncFile customer service lags behind the rivals a bit, IncFile is still one of the top options for startupers on a tight budget. 

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